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Arrive by plane

The easiest way to get to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, from any place around the globe is, of course, by plane. The city has 2 international airports and it is connected with over 180 direct flights. Except of domestic airline PLL LOT, planes from many international airlines land in Warsaw. There are direct flights to the Warsaw from most European destinations, as well as major US cities and other long-distance destinations like Dubai, where Emirates Airlines fly once a day. Domestic airline PLL LOT flies directly to over 100 destinations.

Warsaw Chopin Airport is located around 10 kilometres from the city centre. It is served by five bus lines, two of which reach the city centre directly, line 175 and night bus N32. A railway connection with Chopin Airport is also available. If you decide to take a taxi, it is advised to use the licensed taxi services offered at Chopin Airport: EleTaxi, SawaTaxi or SuperTaxi. A fare to the centre should be around 35-40 PLN (10 € ).

Warsaw Modlin Airport – a smaller airport servicing only budget airlines is situated in Modlin, 35 km from Warsaw, where the easiest way to get to the centre of Warsaw is to take the Modlin Bus (, which operates 24 hours a day. The trip takes around 50 minutes and costs around 35 PLN ( 9 € ). Another way to get to the city is by train. Journey takes around 1 hour 15 minutes and the ticket at the amount of 19 PLN 19 ( 4 € ) can be purchased in the Airport terminal. It is also possible to get to the city by taxi. Two recommended companies are SawaTaxi and ModlinTaxi and the prices may vary between 100-200 PLN ( 25-50 € ).

Arrive by train

Warsaw is also well connected by rail to other European cities. There are three train stations in Warsaw that provide international and domestic train services:
Warszawa Centralna (Central Warsaw), situated in the city centre and well connected to public transportation network.
Warszawa Zachodnia (West Warsaw), which is set next to the international bus terminal.
Warszawa Wschodnia (East Warsaw), located on the east bank of the Vistula River (Praga).
Train tickets can be purchased at the ticket windows in the stations or internet ( ).

Arrive by bus

The bus station Dworzec PKS Warszawa Zachodnia offers international and national connections. Tickets can be purchased at ticket offices at the station and on the website


Poland belongs to the Schengen Area. This area is comprised of 26 countries that have agreed to allow free movement of their citizens within this area as a single country. Of the 26 countries bound by the Schengen agreement, 22 are part of the EU and the other 4 are part of the EFTA ( ). Visitors from non-EU countries must hold a passport valid for at least three months beyond the length of stay. Participants requiring a visa should apply immediately to a consular office or a diplomatic mission of the Republic of Poland in their country in order to avoid a delayed arrival to the event. Please note that the visa application procedure can take up to two weeks.



In Warsaw, the climate is cold and temperate with significant rainfall throughout the year. Even the driest month still has a lot of rainfall. The average annual temperature in May is 19C/8C.

Credit cards

In general, VISA, EuroCard, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted in most restaurants, cafés, shops and petrol stations.


The Złoty (PLN) is the official national currency. The exchange rates applied in Warsaw banks, official exchange offices and hotels may vary. All the major credit cards are accepted in Poland. Exchange rate: 1 Euro = 4,30 PLN in September 2018.


In Poland the power sockets are of type E (two round pins). Type E socket also works with plug C and with plug F if it has an additional pinhole. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz


In an emergency call 112 for ambulance, fire service or police.


The registration fees do not include provision for the insurance of participants against personal accidents, illness, cancellation, theft, property loss or damage. The organizers regret that they cannot accept liability for any personal accidents, loss of belongings or damage to private property of participants and accompanying persons that may occur during, before or after the conference. Participants are advised to make their own arrangements to obtain health, travel and property insurance before their departure.

Mobile phones

Please respect the speakers and presenters by ensuring that your mobile phone is switched off during the sessions.


The whole of the center of Warsaw is a paying parking zone. This rule applies from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays parking is free.


Warsaw’s pharmacies ( Apteka in Polish ) are well stocked. Every neighbourhood has an all-night pharmacy open every day.

Public transportation

Warsaw has an extensive bus and tram system crisscrossing the city as well as a good metro system running from north to south and a second line that opened in March 2015 running east to west. Over 1.500 buses operate in and around the city, and most run from between 5:00 and 23:00. After that time, night buses run on most routes twice every hour. All night buses display the letter N, followed by a two-digit number. ‘Fast buses’ (marked with red digits) skip the smaller stops. Tickets (all valid for use on metro, bus and tram) can be bought from a series of ticket machines with instructions in English dotted around the city, at all metro stations, and some bus and tram stops, with English translations printed on tickets. Tickets can also be purchased from machines on buses and trams, where you can pay by card, or using exact change only. Alternatively, kiosks also sell tickets.


Smoking is not permitted in the venue. Smoking areas are appointed outside the Warsaw Intercontinental Hotel.

Store and shopping

The opening hours of Warsaw stores are generally 10.00-19.00 on weekdays and 10.00-15.00 on Saturday. The big shopping centres are open from 10.00-21.00 from Monday to Sunday.

Taxi companies

Reliable companies include MPT Radio Taxi, which has English-speaking dispatchers, Super Taxi, and Halo Taxi. All are recognisable by signs on the taxi’s roof with the company name and phone number.

Time zone in May



Service charges are not added to accounts by hotels and restaurants. You may tip taxi drivers, hotel porters and restaurant wait-staff (up to about 10% of the bill) if you wish to acknowledge exceptional service. At any time, tipping is your choice.

Vocabulary, the most important Polish words:

Hi                                            Hej!/Cześć!

Yes                                          Tak

No                                           Nie

Please                                    Proszę

Nice to meet you                 Miło mi Cię poznać (informal) / Miło mi Pana/Panią (formal) poznać

My name is …                        Mam na imię…

What’s your first name?     Jak masz na imię?

What is your name?            Jak sie nazywasz?(informal) / Jak sie Pan/Pani nazywa?(formal)

We’re from…                        Jesteśmy z…

I’m from…                              Jestem z…

Thank you                              Dziekuję

Thank you very much          Dziekuję bardzo

No, thanks                             Nie, dziękuję