Planning Committee

Chair: Dariusz Wasylkowski (Poland)

José Manuel Almudi-Cid (Spain)
Daniel Bader (Switzerland)
Nataliya Blazhivska (Ukraine)
Azra Becirovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Bogumił Brzeziński (Poland)
Nevia Čičin-Šain (France)
Jeff Connell (United Kingdom)
Jan de Goede (The Netherlands)
Joachim Englisch (Germany)
Roland Felkai (Hungary)
Rogério Fernandes-Ferreira (Portugal)
Gabriela Hrachovinova (Czech Republic)
Pavlo Khodakovsky (Ukraine)
Borbala Kolozs (Hungary)
Oleg Konnov (Russia)
Svetislav V. Kostic (Serbia)
Klara Kozelj (Slovenia)
Michael Lang (Austria)
Guglielmo Maisto (Italy)
Jérôme Monsenego (Sweden)
Catherine O’Meara (Ireland)
João Félix Pinto-Nogueira (Portugal)
Valentin Savov (Bulgaria)
Maarten Van der Weijden (The Netherlands)
Marta Villar (Spain)
Scott Wilkie (Canada)
Billur Yalti (Turkey)
Bartjan Zoetmulder (The Netherlands)


Jeff is Global Direct Tax Advice Manager at Shell where he heads up the team dealing with cross border direct tax matters.   Jeff is based in London and has been with Shell over 17 years, during which time he’s had various roles including Group Tax Reporting Manager, Head of UK Tax and Regional Tax Manager for UK, Africa and Middle East.   Prior to joining Shell Jeff qualified as a Chartered Accountant with a small London firm before spending 3 years in an international tax team at PwC.   Jeff has been Chair of the committee of the UK Branch of IFA since April 2017, having served on the committee for the previous 5 years.